Jayshankar Hotel started in late 70’s by two industrious couples Shankarao Kashinath Khatal and Rukmini Shankaroa Khatal it was started from Zero which was earlier more like tea stall and cart. They were so famous for their special Lamboti Chiwada (Corn flaked mixed edible food) after some time they started tea and breakfast.Now we are famous for Chutneys’, Sweets and Namkin’s and also started with dining sections wherein we have Maharashtra, South-Indian, Punjabi, Chinese dishes, fully rice plates, Solapuri pani-puri.
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Our History Success Story

Founder : Rukminitai Khatal

She is the lady from tiny village Lambotiat Solapur-pune highway, down-to-earthentrepreneur, who started from a scratch and made it very big. ‘Lamboti Chiwada’,definitely have a taste to savour! Started in late 70s by the industrious couple. Through their undying vision they were able to make a business with the food products. If you ever get an opportunity to meet her, he will tell you countless stories of the obstacles the faced to make ‘Jayshankar Hotel’ reach where it is today. She believes that there is no such things as a self-made-person’ in her dictionary. Having spent a major part of his life amidst hardwork. Popular for delicious and tasty ‘Lamboti special Chiwada’(Corn Flake mixed edible food) and qualitative and nutritious ‘Shenga Chutney’(Groundnut Chutney.) A woman from village Lamboti, 15 km. away from Solapur. 1972s extreme famine and poverty compelled her to start a tea-shop in a broken hut and the acrobatic and wrestling exercises of husband Shankarrao paved the way for the establishment of ‘Hotel Jayshankar’ and the aggressive development of the hotel is insurmountable. This family run business has come a long way since then started by selling tea at NH-9 corner today, they are one of the leaders in ‘Spicy Chiwada’ and ‘delicious shenga chutney.’ Later on two sons Tanaji and Ganesh joined in the business as mother Rukmini chipped in. Thousands of highway passengers preferable halt at ‘Jayshankar’. ‘An illiterate person cannot solve his/her obstacles without hard work, it is simple philosophy of my life’states Rukminitai. Now, Tanajiraje, Sarpanch of Lamboti proudly claims that there is no compromise about quality of tea and other food and we have always believed in coming out with new eatables, that could attract the customers. With my brother, Ganesh there around now, it is easier for me, as we are able to share the burden of work and come out with quality work. I’m completely accountable to my social and political duties. She is the stout wife, and ideal mother, loving mother-in-law and a caring grandmother and further she is a woman who loves work and gives dignity to labour and firmly believes in hard work. Her tow sons Tanaji and Ganesh are leading business with great passion and proper management. Tanaji, Sarpanch of Lamboti, political situtation of the village is comfortably handling and this family has created the identity of the village across India. She has been honoured with so many awards and she honestly confesses that money is one of parts of business progress, not everything. The lady entrepreneur Rukminitai reveals her gist of success, every work done by heart is not greater and lower, just we need to do it with dignity and honesty.
 Founder Rukminitai Khatal